May 4,2022:

Friendship : Chapter One “I’m Not a Robot”. Soon to be published on

“IMHO friendship is the most difficult relationship between human beings to understand. We look for definitions, to learn what resonates as true. True being the objective. My truth. Your truth. They are rarely if ever the same. Leaving that unruly option for adaptation. Communication. Oh gods and goddesses I pray for clarity.

What friendship means to me is highly subjective. However much I confuse it with unconditional love. The conflict resting between wanting to belong and wanting to be left alone, and wanting your advice without your control. Not to be diminished, these conflicts persist at every level of relationship. For everyone.

Then a breakthrough appeared to have revolutionized my perspective. Having lived 47 years in relationship hell in one form or another had prepared me for freedom. Not of course a peaches and cream ride through figuring out where I began and ended with others. But with enough time and insight to get a few things straight.

So for purposes of organization, I’ll be highlighting the essential requirements I’ve discovered that allow both individual autonomy and intimate connection.

#1: Function. This big word sent me into a maelstrom of study. What IS my function here? Letting modern definitions of friendship being the alpha omega for every relationship was the challenge. A friend is supposed to be there in good times and bad. Wrong. Sometimes you cannot be all things to all people.

Psychologist Alfred Adler appeared, bringing wisdoms never condisered. I was starting over in my life, wanting a different way to think and live, and to find my voice. It had been swallowed up by conventions and conditioning.

As an aspirant communicator, my tell-it like-it-is transformation from living in silent rage to finding a clear way to live in non-attachment was a sloppy chaotic and drama-filled circus filled with lessons. I’ll try to impart them here.

And No, I’m Not a Robot!

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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.