May 6,2022: Applauding Mothers everywhere today!

I love praising, and especially those who take on the function of mothering. Whether biological, or by choice, as it’s not gender specific, loving at the level of placing no conditions or restrictions on that love is a rare and beautiful thing to behold.

I have failed and triumphed in trying, as my journey began when youth had barely taken a breath. So I brought into the role a degree of playfulness I hope my children, both grownups now, can see as doing the best that I could at the time.

There is only one perfect Mother, and my spiritual relationship with her is rooted in mythology which has become an herstorical stimulant for years. So today I honor Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Motherhood, and thank her for the continuous strength she gives me daily to love with compassion first and always.

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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.