May 11,2022:

PTSD and trauma triggers.....

They are a rising force of dialogue in many communities, especially in addiction recovery. Briefly qualifying, my 35 year run with trying to use and manage substances to offset, avert, and deny the natural grief of trauma is a resume I share to inform and enlighten. It was 1/2 of my life thus far that I was trapped in a cycle of unexamined pain and unhealthy dependencies on people, places, and things. Simply because I couldn’t find a psychologically safe place to express and heal from it.

We all carry the bits, pieces, chunks and mountains of trauma deep within us, which will fester and grow disproportionately if not addressed. “Triggers,” the term used to identify behaviors that resemble what should have been expressed and dealt with at the time of the event, is a way to understand sudden, erratic behavior in others that in context appears excessive, grandiose or aggressive.

With 25+ years of intentioned sobriety and determination I’ve uncovered demons that were so accustomed to sitting in silence that the noise had to be heard somewhere. Fortunately my levels of unresolved pain were met with the right environment and therapies for eventual awareness and full disclosure.

So I wrote a newspaper column. That was my beginning in publishing. I’ve been fortunate in my healing journey to be positioned as a researcher and writer, and I can unequivocally say that talk therapy works. Writing works. Making anything with ones hands (meditation) works. Reading works.

I never imagined I would end up writing professionally. I was too broken, and my pain was my only credibility. These therapies as a daily habit of working through traumatic events brings me full circle to an understanding of human relationships, which is my ongoing thesis, in a way that lends compassion and forgiveness to encounters that can be disturbing.

Conclusion: without awareness through self-examination we are all communicating our past experiences in our relationships. Rarely can we be present unless we have an understanding of who we are and how we got here. And there is help. And there are helpers.

As a spiritual therapist, I have exponentially grown in pace with witnessing the stories of women who carry their traumas deep - and disturbing them can disrupt and divert the healing process if not courageously examined.

We are swimming now in a sea of opportunity. Exposing, disclosing, and tearing through the walls trauma builds around us has finally at the psycho-social level become mainstream permissible. And it’s going to get ugly, because healing can be an uncomfortable process. There’s the open wound that immediately starts creating scar tissue and in that process bruising results. Blood gets trapped. But if the right treatments are applied, with time that scar smoothes. Blood dissipates. It will always be there. But it’s completed its cycle. And so can the emotional wounds that beleaguer our progress towards mental health.

Hope for healing is available through many resources and therapies.

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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.