A Divine Feminine Spirituality for Women of all Ages

The Goddess Groove welcomes Women of all Ages

Ask a woman what she wants, and the answer is simple.  She hungers for authenticity - to feel connected to and empowered by the source of her feminine instincts and intuition.


The forgotten memory of the archetypal feminine of prehistory, the Goddess, is within every woman.  As she mythically represents creativity, abundance, wisdom, and love.  She is the essential and equal counterpart to the archetypal masculine.  But with the rise of Western civilization, where military might, mercantilism, and rationalism has prevailed, She remains in a position of inferiority and dependence.


Women have made incredible progress in reclaiming their divine rights, but still remain out of sync with the natural rhythm of their life cycle.  They are birthing too early, educating themselves too late, and are depleted of the energy in mid-life that's essential to mobilize and create global change.  They miss the joys of retirement, often having to work until the end of their lives, battling health issues and unable to impart the wisdom necessary to fuel and inspire new generations.


Helping women of all ages to redirect their feminine minds, bodies, and spirits is the latest challenge that Geraldine Lloyd, artist, author, and activist, has set for herself.


Throughout her career, Geraldine has relied on her mythic vision and energy to get her through life's most difficult challenges.  The dissolution of marriages, a diagnosis of throat cancer and the loss of her voice, overcoming addictions and surviving Stage III lung cancer speak to her awareness and resilience.  Her response was to rage right into the pain.  At 47 she began a solo journey deep into her silent self, and jettisoned everything that was non-essential in order to find her identity as creative and limitless spirit.


Her signature works of art of the last 30 years are as follows.  A performance art gallery in Key West, Florida, titled "Goddesses".  A symbolically transformed vintage Mercedes Benz that she sold to Daimler Chrysler.  A featured spot in award winning Harrod Blank's documentary, "Automorphosis".  A three-story apartment building she resurrected, featured in author Kelee Katillac's book, "House of Belief".  A documentary she wrote and filmed about her addiction to cigarettes and the loss of her voice, titled, "Dreamstealers," which is distributed nationwide.  Twelve 48"x60" paintings that bring image to the healing principles of recovery.  Two columns she wrote for The Frederick News post, titled, "The Big C," and "In The Spirit," a five year writing project that now brings her to THE GODDESS GROOVE.  


THE GODDESS GROOVE is Geraldine's most ambitious and innovative endeavor.  It is a web-based program, offering wisdom and inspiration to women of all ages, centered on new methods for cultivating Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Using a menu format of (6+) ten year cycles of a woman's life, it promises to become an organic and interactive growing community of contributors and subscribers of all ages, sharing experience and methods to inspire a full life of power, independence, and love.


Like the Goddess Athena, who emerged fully-formed from Zeus's head, THE GODDESS GROOVE springs from Geraldine's own well of creativity, to become its own collaborative living entity where Art truly becomes Life. 

We invite you to assist with the ongoing growth and development of THE GODDESS GROOVE.  We need funds, in any and all amounts, to defray the costs of website construction and maintenance.  We need your interest, curiosity, engagement - in other words, your email address to get on the mailing list.  And especially we need your time and talent.

Her premiere memoirs, "Cancer Calling" and "The Goddess Groove" are now available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.com.  And her third memoir "Love in the Time of Terrorists" will be available in September 2021.



To help, to ask, to wonder, to join:  Contact Geraldine Lloyd at geraldineoriley@gmail.com





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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.