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In Progress: "The Mystical Diaries of Darla Devine"


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In the first of my illustrated fiction trilogies, titled,“ The Mystical Diaries of Darla Devine ” women of all ages can embrace the evidence of the divine feminine as it plays itself out in Darla's illustrated diaries..


Synopsis: Life's painful consequences have brought 14 year old Baltimore teenager Darla Devine to a point of powerlessness. A child of an alcoholic mother and a deceased father, Darla sustains emotional and physical abuse from her step father and siblings. But in a moment of insight, she reaches out to a mentor, who introduces her to prayer, and the six Greek Goddesses as archetypes of her potential.


 Because of Darla's devotion and determination, they appear in her dreams and visions, and then in her reality. In speaking their wisdom, they realize it's through Darla that they may end the fracture that disempowered them from the Great Mother, and consequently for women ever since. From maiden, to mother, to crone, Darla's diaries demonstrate that god can be GODDESS, and anything is possible with faith.



Agents/Publishers:  The potential of this work for animated film, and related ancillary products, can be an ongoing exciting adventure as Darla moves from her maiden voyage into her full creativity and wisdom path of social and spiritual change.




Other works available for publication/distribution



 The Goddess Groove - A Memoir

 Now on


"Cancer Calling"   99 Columns

Now on


Love In The Time Of Terrorists - A Memoir

Coming to Amazon in September 2021 


 ART Created 1990-2020


1.  Twelve Spiritual Principles of Recovery  (12 paintings 48" x 60")  Original and copies available

2.  Twelve Spiritual Principles of Recovery  (12 illustrations 16"20")  Original and copies available

3.  "Chemo Girl"   Illustrations depicting the horror of cancer treatment

4.  "Unchain My Love"  1975 Mercedes Benz ArtCar on permanent exhibit at The Mercedes Benz Museum  in Stuttgart, Germany

5.  "House of Belief", by author Kelee Katillac.   Featured:  My home at 123 W. Third St., Frederick, Md. (1995-2002)

6.  " If In This World"  Aerostar Ford ArtCar

7:  Goddesses:  A multi-medium Performance Art Gallery- Key West, Fla. 1991-1993



" DreamStealers"  This 20 minute documentary written and narrated by the author for middle and high school students tells the story of the author's addictions to nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana that resulted in the loss of her voice.  Aimed to prevent children from smoking and using any mood or mind altering drugs, "DreamStealers" is highly acclaimed and distributed nationwide. 


 My career in art and writing began twenty years ago after a divorce, empty nest, two cancers and the loss of my voice. I'm currently an author, artist, and activist, with emphasis on creating a new and exciting spirituality for women. Whereas the majority of my writing has been memoir and non-fiction, " The Mystical Diaries of Darla Devine" is the commercial fiction that I believe culminates my previous work and can help to heal the wounds of the modern woman.

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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

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I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.