Age 10-20

The Learning Years

Life is busting out all over in this decade.  Your energy is a boundless well of creativity and imagination, with curiosity running every thought.

 “Why” becomes the basis of all analysis.  Your body is growing at an explosive pace, and your mind has been receiving an endless stream of information through school and technology.  You begin to think you know what life is and how to conquer it.  Problem solving becomes a skill, and challenges appear as opportunities instead of obstacles.


 These are the years that form your social mask, your persona, and the way in which you want to be seen in the world.  What you have brought from your first decade of wonder and observation will now manifest in people, ideas, and in patterns of behavior.


 Remember that personality is not identity, and when you dream of future selves, functions, ideas, concepts, and potentialities, always return inward to your Source, for it's this Source that always knows your steps before you take them.  And it is always there to guide you when you are in doubt.


 One of the ways in which this Source serves you is through your intuition.  This is the place inside you that remembers why you came, and is installed to help you stay on task, and on the path of your chosen destiny.  Listening to the body is essential in growing emotionally and spiritually.


 This is a decade of many dangers and temptations, and a time in your life that all you've known about yourself begins to slip away, because you and your life and your needs and wants are continually being processed through the lens of society and what it demands of you – with your family, your friendships,  and your contemporaries acting as authority over your choices.  For these are the years where you have moved out of isolation into your tribe, and you'll want to fit in, somewhere.


 Because your mind is being conditioned to be afraid, and with fear being the first big lie you are told to live by, you will have to be vigilant in refusing any and all limitations placed upon you.


 Because your body is changing in your pre-teen years, your hormones and urges to reproduce will overwhelm your brains capacity to reason and employ rational thinking.  This is a time for creative self discipline and relationship with your Source.


 Because you will feel lost, your needs will increase.  To fill that place in you that you've forgotten with people and things will become a bigger and bigger well of discontent, if not in alighnment and in accordance with your true identity.


 Staying consciously connected to that place inside you that is your real home, which is perfectly safe, where you are perfectly loved and cared for, is essential to shut off the outer world from stealing your inner harmony and purpose.

 This is the one true reality you must protect. 


 Because fear forces you out of your true identity, you will begin to think you are separate and alone, that the world is unsafe, and that you have to take control to protect yourself.  These are the realities of how it can be when you continue to forget who you really are, who you are really connected to and created by.  Without this reliance upon the Greater Wisdom available, life will proceed with endless difficulties.


 These are the years to remember to remember, and know that life and Earth and your parents and your friends are companions, but only you can know who you are and why you came, and remaining in contact with the one true Source of truth and inspiration will always serve you.


 Refusing to lose connection to this Source is critical, as each decade has its function and purpose and plan for you, and if you trust that all answers are continually available to you, whenever you are in need, the Learning Years will prepare you well for the next decade.


* PLEASE VISIT each decade's  SUBPAGES, MIND, BODY, SPIRIT for contributions toward the successful satisfaction of each decade.


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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.