50-60 The Wisdom Years

Oh what a woman can gather unto herself in these ten years! 


Friends, colleagues, family, children, and other relationships will blossom into holy exchanges of gratitude and satisfaction, while serving as the instruments for contribution and service.


The continual connection and communion with her Source as Power and Guidance now culminates into a confidence and a knowledge of protection and purpose that can be used in ways of service that can help to change the course of women's health, prosperity, and freedom for centuries to come.


Where to direct the energy and commitment of a lifetime's study and effort is as varied as her talents and skills, which are never limited and always capable of expansion and influence.  The sky is the limit, where her capacity and opportunities to effect change have become the mirrors of success she planned for decades ago.


Whether through the fields of science, medicine, spirituality, politics, or the arts and humanities, her individuality and reliance upon her Creator has delivered the expertise now capable of demonstrating its greatest possibilities. 


In this decade where career or family or both have been developed and are moving into their own realities, and through her previous years of contributions and intentions, she can plan for the third phase of her life, where simplicity and discernment guide her towards the ultimate fulfillment of a life well lived. 


Peace.  Self respect.  Worthiness.  And a guiltlessness that engages her past and future to serve others.  Herein lies the decade of a full return. 



Good health, financial security, purpose, direction, and contributions to benefit others are fully aligned to manifest in this decade, when sharing has become her full responsibility and obligation to the Source that has guided her and promised her a fruitful, pleasurable, pain-free life.





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02.06 | 17:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

16.07 | 16:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.